Are You Celebrating Your Customers?

Ok, I admit it. The title seems a bit corny. Make that very corny. But the idea isn’t

Too often, in sales or marketing we take our customers for granted.

A nationwide franchise I do regional marketing gives new customers their biggest discounts. This sets the tone for customer value. Subconsciously, representatives treat old customers differently.

It’s not like old customers don’t know about it. In the standard marketing kit are mailers that go to everyone in the franchise zip code — including loyal, long-term customers. To game the system, many customers would jump back and forth between

Is Your Marketing All About Selling?

Do you see every customer contact as a chance to pitch a sale?

Take a minute to think about that.

You know those “friends” who only call you when they need something?

Is that how you want customers to perceive you or your brand?

I was at the bank drive-up the other day while the teller held my receipt ransom making me listen to her sales pitch about some service I didn’t want. I admit I wasn’t really listening. I was just irritated. And I realize it wasn’t her fault, her manager or someone at corporate forced her into this. They’re trying to maximize every customer encounter or some other corporatespeak.

Sometimes the best sales pitch
is no sales pitch at all.

Is every sales and market contact from your brand only about selling?

You may be doing more harm than good. I agree that upselling, cross-selling, and seeking referrals are all very important. But those aren’t the end-all-be-all. These need to flow naturally from a customer relationship.

In building a customer communications strategy balance is the key. You need to develop some points of contact intended to sell and others simply to serve.

Often, having no self-serving agenda builds a stronger relationship and grows deeper customer loyalty.  Never underestimate the power of authentic branding and sincere human contact.

Sometimes the best sales pitch is no sales pitch at all.

SassBack: What marketing or sales ploys most annoy you?  


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